One day, there’ll be a digital camera that costs no more than a “consumer” film camera and delivers similar picture quality. Press the mode button once to select it, and then hold the shutter button for as many frames as you like. But the camera’s behaviour in resolutions other than by and by is odd. This scene’s lit with a total of seven hundred watts of incandescent light – one ceiling-fixture hundred watt globe behind me, another hundred watter and a watt flood pointing at the ceiling. But which does show you what the scene’s meant to look like. Given the quality of the built-in viewers many such bundled apps use, this is a good thing. To select a mode, you just press the shutter button once – or twice, if you’re selecting Clear Memory.

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It’s mm high by 32mm wide by 23mm deep at its largest points 4. The Umax Astracam is still head and shoulders aiptek pencam the PenCam in image quality; its aiptek pencam is much better, and so’s its image sensor. So what do you get for your money?

It’s good enough, for aiptek pencam shots. The BMPs aiptek pencam kilobytes in size for by and Kb for by Which it didn’t, once Pendam turned off the extra lights and went back to just the ceiling fixture. But which does show you what the scene’s meant to look like.

The image is as good as the high res mode as far as colour pecnam distortion go, but every high-contrast edge is stair-stepped very noticeably. When you’re not aiptek pencam the PenCam, you should leave it plugged into the computer with aiptek pencam USB cable, or take the batteries out.


At a glance, it looks aiptek pencam same as the older PenCam, but it has a by maximum resolution, against the by resolution of the older model. The main application’s the PenCam Manager package, which is what you use to transfer images from the camera and control it in tethered mode. If you want to shoot video clips on ;encam move, you use Continuous mode. Aipteek cheap digital still camera is something of a technological Holy Grail.

Here’s the test scene, photographed with my trusty Olympus CL. This goes for the self-timer mode as aiptek pencam, by the way – you can activate that aiptek pencam and set yourself up to be photographed, and then just hear the low beep that tells you to try again, this time with a lamp pointed your way. An outdoor scene, pehcam with my Olympus. If you want to aiptrk aiptek pencam pictures as a video clip, you can make one out of them using the Manager software.

The two full-frame images are the by and by shots. Like the software that comes with most cheap webcams, the Aiptek driver saves video clips as AVIs, without much compression – though they’re not the gigantic raw-data files you often get.

Aiptek VGA PenCam Trio

But if I tried to get in close, all I got was low-pitched error beeps. One day, there’ll be a digital camera that costs no more than a “consumer” film camera and delivers similar aiptek pencam quality.

In continuous-video webcam mode, tethered to the aiptek pencam, the PenCam works like any other ordinary Video For Windows input device. It’s not what you’d call totally elegant, but it works. The camera starts up in by high res mode “Hr” on the little displayand pressing the mode aiptek pencam next to the viewfinder cycles through the rest of the modes.


It’s not too ghastly. aipptek

Aiptek PenCam VGA 1 Specs – CNET

But most efforts at pushing digital cameras into the same price bracket as plain-Jane film cameras have given the world some pretty darn awful products. That makes it no worse than any other fixed-focus webcam. The preview panel in the driver software’s too aiptek pencam to see anything aiptek pencam a gross focus problem, so you have to shoot a by image and then look at it, then tweak the lens, then look again You’ll want to use some other program to save them in a more compressed format if you aiptek pencam a significant number of pictures.

The framing’s off because I didn’t aiptek pencam adequately for the offset viewfinder – there’s no framing guide at all in the viewfinder, but it’s very bright and clear, at least.

You can transfer 26 high res pictures from pebcam camera in about 17 seconds, which is what you’d expect for Aiptek pencam transfer of 8Mb aiptek pencam data. Give Dan some money! Better not to waste the limited memory on lousy pictures at all.

Here’s my review of Aiptek’s earlier super-cheap digicams. That film can deal with a much bigger range of image brightness than aiptek pencam a webcam image sensor.