Main computer works fine, both same specs. Includes rack rails to mount to a inch rack mount case. Use the encoder in the center of the controller to browse through the library. In my device manager, it shows up as “other devices” with a yellow flag. DJ Freshfluke , Aug 2,

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It says “this device is not configured correctly”.

This is a Midi Controller with a soundcard. Manufacturer’s product pageprovides manual and drivers for download.

Shut Down your PC 6. Vms2traktorNov 5, Anyone else experience this or anything similar that they can share?

Everything works fine but the only problem is that my deck B gain knob and the hi mid and low control also the knobs in my deck A. The rotary knob in the middle section was left unmapped. If everything goes well, it will be shipped with Mixxx 2. I’ve been playing with this controller and the options all day and this forum saved me, which I desperately needed before an event I’m playing Saturday.

Audio Output with American Audio VMS2 | NI Community Forum

Then test the EQ. That’s how i got mine to work flawlessly. If anyone’s able to help me I’d really appreciate it. The VMS2 has been fully mapped for Mixxx by the community. The LED on the left will be the first number, on the right, is the second number. I have set the “Audio Device” under the “Audio Setup” device so that the sound will vma2 from my controller.

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American Audio VMS2

This happens on my backup laptop also. Press the encoder to switch between library main window and sidebar. The microphone input is mixed directly into the master output signal of the VMS2 in hardware and cannot be captured through software. Jeff EvansJul 15, So even if you power off the unit, the sound card is still connected and gets powered by the USB.

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I thought this was a problem with how the controller was mapped I downloaded the. In Pitch mode, moving the platters from either the top or side will only bend the pitch of the deck. To use it with Mixxx: Sweet Jesus thank you.

I think the VMS2’s hardware labeled one output as “booth” which is what I thought the “side” output was. I have verified all of my drivers are up to date. The VMS2 can control 6 hotcues per deck. However, in Mixxx, pressing the following buttons with Shift acts as EQ kill akerican.


Sound is able to be output to my speakers, so the problem comes with the “Output routing” qudio. Does anyone have any suggestions or need any additional information to help resolve this issue? As you move the fader right both tracks play, including if the fader is all the way to the right.

Any help would be really appreciated guys. If the fader is all the way to the left I have no sound.

american_audio_vms2 [Mixxx Wiki]

Also, remember the cross fader will not move on the screen. In Scratch mode, the platters act like vinyl turntables and can be used for scratching. Then you can assign decks to “front” and “side” channels, more appropriately they should be called “channel 1” and “channel 2.