Everything works fine with my Hammer. Here is a first shot of my newest project: I was trying to read the DME on the 3. La mer nginx bea discontinued. Are cables available aftermarket for the KTS. But the desktop with isa card..

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Esi or final version is latest for kts La mer nginx bea discontinued. Can someone upload working image of tecra KTS.

Bosch KTS Card + Toshiba Tecra – Car Forums and Automotive Chat

Things like the instrument cluster, the immobilizer, remote entry, alarm, vehicle bosdh just to name a few. Where is the cheapest to purchase ubox02?.

Theo Where are you? I was keeping it for spare, but my original card never died.

Bosch kts 500 Card

It may be the drivers or the old software. Porsche maintains a data base with these keys for each bosch kts 500 card. Does it support can-bus diagnostic or only k-line like kts?

Please help I will pay for a working file.

No, I’m still waiting. The ” ” in front of a unit means there are stored fault codes: But if someone is interested we can certainly talk. I need to do some signal-chasing I guess. There are other aftermarket solutions out there that can do this. Rate This Thread Excellent. I will not be at home next week, but I will let you know as soon bosch kts 500 card I received GeD.


Bosch kts 500 card, I’ll have to buckle down and start studying because I do plan to have a 3. And like everything else the Porsche version commands a rather cardd Porsche tax when trying to find used ones.

PST2 running hardware or bosch kts 500 card laptop? Yes you can write to any ECU in the car and Porsche makes extensive use of that. Gas Emission solutions th. At this point my main goal is to get it to run properly and learn things in the process.

Keefe 78 SC 01 Boxster. CAN you Burn a cd and post it with economic service? Here are some setup bosch kts 500 card for kts Well, the faults are because the battery died on me. For the C4 coupe it found the PSM and all other moduls expected. Originally it worked in a pcmcia-to-isa card in a desktop pc.

Bosch Kts 500 Card update

Full version downloads available, all hosted high speed servers! Originally Posted by ischmitz It also has an integrated URI module that can measure voltages, currents, and resistances. Found 6 results m paragraph.


Kts Licence automotive aftermarket — fard esi. Next, here is the main menu where you can check and errase the fault memory no faults stored in this casemonitor actual values, actuate drive links injectors, resonance bosch kts 500 card, tank venting, etc.

First it scans the ,ts and finds the DME as the only control unit. Scribd world s largest social reading publishing site walk storia vera bosch kts 500 card delle torri gemelle maintenance and.