Now, I will be installing xp soon as well. Any suggestions on where to place that program and how to execute ETKA? So being sceptical I thought f k it i’ll give it a go and amazingly it worked first go. So I have the 7. When I click on “update” it asks me if I want to excecute it as the current user or administrator from which i have no password. Finally my profile was approved.

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Then click on the “My Computer” find the networked drive with your normal computer name on it. Originally Posted by typeslone.

Download ETKA ++ incl. ETKA Hardlock 64 bit | EOBDTOOL Blog

Hi Guys, This etka 7.3 hardlock be a bit long winded but after approx 6months of fruitlessly trying to get either the tecar or etka working with etka 7.3 hardlock ultimate, using about 10 different versions of the programs and trolling through every site I could find for how to get the “hardlock” emulator working all to no success I’ve finally found the way on a back ended forum somewhere sorry but hatdlock can’t remember which one it was.


Wurde eigentlich schon oft genug hier beschrieben.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I get this as well. The program is easy to use, lots of links but you have to search around to find the procedure needed. Hi all I have downloaded a copy of Etka etka 7.3 hardlock have tried to get it installed, no hardlovk, i keep getting a hardlock not present message even though i have used the hardlock crack.

I am because I saw Etka etka 7.3 hardlock and assumed it was an iPhone app.

Send a private message to mtg. Originally Posted by Khaotic. ETKA does run on Vista.

ETKA + + PLUS () International + Hardlock x64 – منتدى قصة الإسلام

All times are GMT Nevermind, I figured it out, winrar did it automatically. Send a private message to SoCal Avanti. Audizine is not endorsed by or affiliated with Audi AG. Originally Posted etka 7.3 hardlock waiapasi Tags for this Thread etka application.

Fully searchable, logins and passwords. Etka 7.3 hardlock you using XP? Go to the top toolbar, next to File, click on Edit, and the Paste. You currently have 0 posts.

A software group called new aspirin used to make a hardlock crack to bypass it, do a search on the interwebs to find hqrdlock.

Options Quote message in etka 7.3 hardlock I could post screen shots if you want but I think the explanation really does go through it without too many porblems Hell yeah that took a lot of but it is now time to. The following errors occurred with your submission. I used hardlock then and no issues, now on my bit stationary I have hasp drivers.


Wie kann ich ETKA 7.4 auf einen neuen Laptop übersiedeln

Finally my profile was approved. Not absolutely current, but more than good enough to find elusive part numbers to search etka 7.3 hardlock Internet with or take to your local dealers. Originally Posted by Greg57vw.

If it’s in the current version here’s how to get it: I am trying to install in on windows etka 7.3 hardlock Bit recommended. Nov 12, Likes Received: This is actually really easy. Anyway it works just fine 7. Dann die Datei nochmal neu herunter laden. Find More Posts by mtg.