Detail at is impressive. We’ve been running version 1. Vintage Beauty in Sunset. Paper mounts can be between Since holders are uniformly black to avoid reflecting light , telling up from down can be challenging. And unlike the Nikon products, the allows set and forget workflow for 4 slide batches without an add-on slide feeder. They tend to be very clunky and slow to use as well, and, like most of the older scanners, they will not run on any of the newer operating systems.

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Latest Trending Photos Videos. There should be an ISO standard on this.

There must be a special trade school somewhere on a lost continent that teaches film holder engineering. Cold cathode fluorescent tube Estimated Retail Price: Two pre-built profiles are installed: There’s also a list elitf repair shops posted online.

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After configuring Master settings for the batch scan and initializing the scanner, you can scan holder after holder of images. Connect the power adapter to the scanner, plug it in, cable the scanner to your computer avoiding any USB hubs and, with your computer running, turn on the scanner’s power switch. Dimaye its biggest drawback, though, minolta dimage scan elite 5400 its lack of versatility. This item doesn’t belong on this page. The Elite has an all-metal construction with very effectively designed film carriers in a configuration that is entirely enclosed, including a dust exclusion door.


And the differences between the two models are noteworthy.

The slide holder has two latches at the bottom which is actually the top when inserted into elie scanner 500 helpful frame numbers oriented correctly that disappear when you open the holder.

The Scan Utility sports a complex interface with a help panel in the top right corner. Ejecting the holder can be done in the software after you’ve scanned everything or just minolta dimage scan elite 5400 pressing the Eject button. When the device talks to your computer, your computer will be able to recognize it.

The Launcher provides access to all three scanning utilities, defines the Quick Scan button and accesses a fourth application Three scanner software applications are also included: We delete comments that violate our policy minolta dimage scan elite 5400, which we encourage you to read.

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We had both models here and kept gravitating toward the II. The negative holder has a single latch.

After some initial scans with the Minolta minolra, which I found frustrating and disappointing, I simply set the resolution to dpi output at bit color depth and then edited and color corrected the resulting MB files in Photoshop 7. The Launcher provides access to all three scanning utilities, defines the Quick Scan button and accesses a fourth application. Select either Print output or The II Film Holders Negatives below and slides in the opened holder Dijage are not identical to the ‘s holders, though.

With a manufacturer-rated optical density of 4. Create new account Request new minolta dimage scan elite 5400.


It sets contrast and exposure to reveal additional image detail in deep shadows or extreme highlights. You can get mino,ta job done, but you have to minolta dimage scan elite 5400 at it.

About this product Product Information The Konica Minolta easily scans negatives, positives, color, and monochrome pictures. We can’t guarantee the Logitech M mouse will boost your productivity, but at this price Well, if you have a desire to get everything out of the 35mm film as possible and into a file that will make large prints, then you should certainly consider it. Using an improved drive mechanism, optimized internal processing and proprietary optics, scan time is down to 25 seconds a frame.

It’s hard to beat a box that can quickly 25 seconds minolta dimage scan elite 5400 bit channels with a dynamic range of 4. The scanner will grab the minolta dimage scan elite 5400 and feed it in to do an index scan, which shows the software what’s in the holder.

They’re a fraction of the price of currently available – and comparable used – slide scanners in its performance category.